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About the Book

Gourmet Gifts CoverNo gift demonstrates generosity and love more than one that is made by hand. And no homemade gift is more appreciated than one that’s edible, especially when it’s as pretty to look at and delectable to eat as the ones in Dinah Corley’s Gourmet Gifts. Corley offers up 100 scrumptious and splendidly crafted projects. It’s perfect for cooks who want to jumpstart their presentation skills, for crafters who want to give their food gifts a significant upgrade from the standard plate of chocolate chip cookies or pan of lasagna, and for anyone who wants to give a gift that’s decidedly personal and sure to please. Gourmet Gifts includes both money-saving gifts and opulent special-occasion gifts, foods that ship well over a long distance, gifts for people who are under the weather, and loads of ideas for the holidays. Forty beautiful color photos help readers envision the final gift.



About the Author

Growing up, Dinah Corley’s mother taught her a very important lesson: “Never go to someone’s door empty-handed.” Dinah draws on her 30+ years of cooking instruction and artful gift-giving in Gourmet Gifts: 100 Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion to Make Yourself and Wrap with Style, a book that places emphasis on both the food as well as its wrapping. Before Dinah became an expert on edible gifts, she was less than stellar in the kitchen. “After college, I dated a man who scoffed at my inability to boil water,” says Dinah. “So for Christmas, he bought me classes to Le Cordon Bleu in London. After those were finished, I – to his surprise – kept on enrolling.”

Dinah attended Le Cordon Bleu in both London and Paris, and soon earned her Grand D’Plome – the highest distinction for a Le Cordon Bleu student. She also attended La Varrenne Cooking School in Paris, LeNotre at Versailles, and began living a whole season each year in the South of France. It was there that she apprenticed under food visionary Simone Beck, an experience that led her to further culinary studies with Roger Verge, Michelle Girard, James Beard, and Julia Child. Today, Dinah’s well-known cooking classes have created a widespread network of students. She has taught in Washington, DC, in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia, and at Martha’s Vineyard, where she lived for roughly 20 years. There, she not only taught and wrote numerous food articles, she launched a second career as a restaurant designer and consultant. She helped redesign Atria, a fine dining, New England cuisine restaurant in Edgartown, Massachusetts, and is currently working on a new restaurant project for Martha’s Vineyard, slated to open Summer 2012.

Dinah is based in Shenandoah Valley, where she continues to teach her popular food classes.