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Easy Batter Breads

by Dinah on February 23, 2012

When it rains all day, I go on a cleaning spree. When it rains for two days, I go on a baking spree.

Bread baking is meant for rainy days and while it cannot lift a tropical depression, it may do wonders for yours. Best of all, no experience is needed.

Batter breads are ideal for beginning bakers. They use simple ingredients you probably have on hand, and depending on what you add, they can be sweet or savory.

Batter bread recipes are much easier and quicker than yeast varieties. The directions are far more specific requiring less experience for a successful outcome. They freeze extremely well, making it easy to keep a few on hand for gifts. And no gift is more welcome than homemade bread, especially so when it is well-wrapped. A simple cellophane overwrap (see this post)and a bright ribbon or some raffia work perfectly.

Check out my Projects section for a one of my favorite batter breads!

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