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Hearts on Ice

by Dinah on February 9, 2012

Creating edible gifts that freeze well is important if you have a lot of gifts to make. Creating great-looking containers that freeze as well as the gourmet treats they hold is not just important, it is a game changer.

I use a lot of plain white cardboard ice cream containers for packaging all sorts of “gourmet gifts.” They exemplify everything I think is important about containers for edible gifts: simple, practical, versatile, sturdy, inexpensive, and readily available (restaurant supply stores and online).

I featured ice cream carton containers in my book with Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffles and discovered an unexpected bonus in the process of working out the prototype wrap. You can actually embellish the boxes, fill them with truffles, and freeze them for 3 to 4 weeks. The boxes look perfect and the truffles are delicious after one month in my small chest type freezer.

I used colored card stock for several versions of hearts and flowers and attached them to the cartons with colored brads. The truffles were wrapped in squares of waxed tissue before I packed them in the embellished containers. It is very important to use only these items for the embellishments because colored paper will wilt or fade and adhesives will lose their grip in the freezer.

Ribbons, gift cards, and cellophane overwraps can be added once the gifts have “thawed.”

I am including a few photos of cartons that were not in my book to show you how really versatile this “freezable gift wrap” can be…

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Gourmet Gift Ideas February 10, 2012 at 8:19 am

Love the idea of really cute packaging being just as important as the actual gift inside! By spending some time getting the whole experience just right the impression is so much better. Thanks for the inspired post!


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