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Fresh Sweet Potato Bread with Dates

This is one of the few “quick” breads that holds up marvelously to the rigors of shipping. It is moist with an unforgettably good flavor that seems to improve with time. The texture is light without being flimsy. Everyone loves this bread! [Read the full article here...]

Gravlax and Limpa in a Fisherman’s Creel

For centuries the Swedish have preserved salmon using large quantities of fresh dill and heavy pine planks to compress the fish while it is curing. The result is called gravlax. A really good gravlax is similar to smoked salmon in texture and color, but the taste is much fresher and the texture is firmer. It is virtually impossible to buy top-quality gravlax in the U.S. Wild salmon is very expensive, but it has the firm, dense consistency essential to success with this recipe. [Read the full article here...]

Bacon and Cornmeal Spoon Bread

I think spoon bread is Southern. I think this is one of the best– a perfect choice when you need to “bring something” since it goes well with just about everything from barbecue to grilled salmon.

Be sure to bake this bread in an inexpensive casserole dish that becomes part of the gift. Both the recipe and the recipient deserve better than an ugly foil pan. [Read the full article here...]


Raspberry Truffles

The cream cheese makes the Bonbons easy but it also makes them perishable, so be sure to keep the finished product refrigerated. [Read the full article...]


Gifty Boxed Meals

Just think how nice it would be to have the meals made and given to friends, neatly boxed with everything from accoutrements to condiments included. I would stack them in an old wheeled barrow, or line them up on the long rail of my screened porch. [Read the full article...]


Making and Giving May Wine

There are literally dozens of recipes for May Wine, with even more variations on the theme. Some call for fresh Sweet Woodruff (not an easy commodity to find if you don’t have any growing already); other recipes use dried woodruff leaves. In both cases, the Riesling is infused with sweet woodruff. Some recipes use varying amounts of sweeteners like sugar and honey. A good many recipes call for the addition of fruits, everything from fresh strawberries to pineapple chunks. All this fruit overpowers the key note of Sweet Woodruff. In fact such recipes seem more like a German version of Sangria (perish the thought) than classic May wine. [Read the full article...]


Ten-Minute Chocolate Mousse

An ideal gift for any practicing chocoholic, this unbelievably easy dessert is everything a perfect chocolate mousse should be: dense and rich with a superbly silken texture. All that perfection takes only 10 minutes, and the finished product freezes beautifully. If frozen solid, the mousse will survive the perils of delivery unscathed. [Read the full article...]


Sunshine in a Jar

You can prepare these orange slices in minutes for someone with the sniffles. I learned to make this dessert when I was a college student in London because my “bed sit”—the British term for a very small studio apartment—had no kitchen. The sugar and spices thicken the juice from the orange slices into a delicious syrup. This is yummy, sweet sunshine in a jar. [Read the full article...]


Luminaria Bags

If you want to make your gifts stand out, package them in luminarias. Simple white paper bags are lighted from within by novelty-store or toy-store “glow sticks” and hung on front doors. It is hard to imagine how pretty these are until you see them glowing softly from the front doors of friends. These distinctive bags are surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make. [Read the full article...]

Whole Preserved Lemon Dressing

(For salads or marinades). Combine the following ingredients in a jar with a tight fitting lid: 1 part fresh lemon juice, 3 parts preserved lemon oil, At least 1 tablespoon finely diced preserved lemon, Salt and ground white pepper to taste [Read the full article...]

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