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Luminaria Bags

If you want to make your gifts stand out, package them in luminarias. Simple white paper bags are lighted from within by novelty-store or toy-store “glow sticks” and hung on front doors. It is hard to imagine how pretty these are until you see them glowing softly from the front doors of friends. These distinctive bags are surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make.



Luminaria Cookie Bag

Suggested Supplies for Each Luminaria Bag

  • 1 white paper bag, 4 or 5 inches wide and 8 or 9 inches tall
  • 1 rectangle (10 x 22 inches) yellow cellophane, plus additional yellow cellophane for wrapping the cookies
  • 1 length (40 inches) ½-inch-wide white grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 glow stick


How to Make a Luminaria Cookie Bag

  1. Leave the bag folded flat and punch a row of holes along each side and across the top of the bag. If you slide the punch over the edges of the bag as far as it will reach, your holes will form straight rows without your having to measure. Open the bag and line the inside with the rectangle of yellow cellophane. Wrap individual varieties of cookies in yellow cellophane and fill the lined bag about three-quarters full.
  2. Cut the grosgrain ribbon in half and insert one half through the outermost punched holes at both ends of the bag top. Slide the ribbons through the holes until they are even and tie all four ribbon ends together in a double knot. Break and shake the glow stick according to its directions and place it in the cookie bag just before you hang it over the recipient’s front doorknob.

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